Consumables. In Control.

Silo is the tool to manage consumables,
order automatically, and track deliveries,
so you never run out of essential stuff.
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Silo connects to any vendor, including:

Real stuff, digitally managed.

Before, smart inventory management was reserved for large enterprises.
Now, Silo brings this power to small business, in a convenient dashboard and mobile apps.

Made for small business

The inventory system built for you...


Buy and keep track of supplies, parts, and equipment you use in your farm or greenhouse.


Buy and keep track of supplies, parts, and equipment you use in your business or studio.


Procure and manage parts and whole items in stock for your ecommerce site or physical store.


Get a handle on office purchasing and classroom supplies for your mini school empire.

Features to stay on top of your stock

Bring your business up to date

Print labels from anywhere

Labels for your stock, printed easily from any device, wherever your label printer is.

Stay on the pulse

Level indicators show you how much you have in stock, and which products need re-ordering.

Re-Order in one click

Silo plugs into Amazon and other vendors, allowing you to skip lengthy carts and checkouts.

Track incoming deliveries

Silo automatically connects to tracking information, so you know when stock will arrive.

Take requests from your team

Your staff can request new items for you to use. Review items and accept the good ideas.

Quick stocktaking

Silo’s smart selective stocktaking and QR code labels save you time while you check your stock levels.

Silo is for the things you buy every day
Silo’s simple system

A big upgrade from spreadsheets and Post-Its

The Dashboard

Your single place to stay on top of your business's stock levels


View awaiting orders, receive items, and draft new orders


Your central list of all the products your business uses


Efficient stock checks, guided by Silo so you don't waste time


Understand how much you are spending, and where

Labels & Mobile App

Easily print labels and manage your stock with multiple users

Everything in one place

Silo brings all the products you buy every day into one screen. Take action on items that need to be re-ordered. Find items easily.

How Silo works

Manage, order and receive so your business runs smoothly

Manage stock in one place

See what's running low, manage requests from your team, and keep track of stock.

Re-order easily and on time

Silo lets you order from any vendor, easier and faster, exactly when you need to.

Receive items

Silo keeps track of deliveries, and automatically handles printing stock labels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your question? Visit Silo’s comprehensive support area.

Do I need a label printer?

Yes! Label printers make managing stock easy, and Silo allows you to print from your mobile device easily. Get a free label printer when you sign up for the Pro + Printer plan. Or buy a label printer separately here. More about printing with Silo.

What vendors can I order from?

Silo works with any vendor, whether they have an online ecommerce store or not. Certain vendors are supported for one-click Smart Orders™. Find out more.

Can I use Silo with a team?

Yes, Silo is designed to work with multiple users and multiple devices. You can delegate stocktaking to a staff member, and allow them to receive items and check stock.

Is Silo for huge warehouses, or tens of thousands of SKUs?

No. Silo is built for small businesses managing dozens, hundreds or thousands of products as part of their operations. It is not built for enterprise-scale warehouses or drop-shipping.

What if I don't like Silo?

You can cancel your plan at any time. If you cancel your yearly plan, you receive a pro-rated refund minus the cost of your label printer.

How do I import my products?

You can import products easily by URL, or for a more comprehensive import, use our CSV. We provide a template for developers to easily convert data from existing systems. Find out more.

Developed in the real world

Built and used on NYC’s
farm of the future

Discover Farm.One

Farm.One is a state of the art vertical farm in New York serving 40 of the best restaurants in the city.

We developed technology to manage our farm, growing hundreds of different products reliably year-round.

We built Silo because we couldn’t find a simple, affordable system out there to help us manage all the products we buy and use from different vendors. 

We use Silo every day.

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Your complete solution for consumables management